El Martes

Reading books with excellent titles is not always a sensible idea. 'What do you do out here, when your all alone' is a poor story with a title that captures exactly how I feel at the moment. A little lost, but at the same time excited and creative. How did I fill today?
  • Reading 'Bajarse al moro' a very good book indeed.
  • Finding a secret garden hidden in ivy at the back of a small purple cafe.
  • Spying a Fabio look alike loitering around the swimming pool... (http://humormeblog.beloblog.com/archives/fabio).
  • Discussing bullfighting with a Bull expert and being given a series of books on the matter!
  • Making a salad whilst listening to 'I'm in Miami bitch'.
  • Watching a brass band doing the conga in the university bar...which can only mean 'adeus Portugal'

Thats all there is, there isn't any more!