Don't Leave Home Without It

Most of the time, I'm pretty good about remembering to bring everything we need when I'm out and about. I try and have bags pre-packed for routine outings. I keep a lot of these bags in the car, so that I don't have to think too much when I leave the house. Along with the bags, I usually keep our double stroller in the trunk. Now, I don't need this stroller because Nico can't walk longer distances; he's more than capable of walking and fiercely prefers it to sitting in a stroller. The stroller's sole purpose, therefore, is to keep us all together. In other words, it is a restraining device.
So, forgetting said stroller when I am alone in public with all three of them can be quite nerve racking. I've done it a few times and here is basically what happens. I open my trunk expecting to find the stroller and instead find myself staring at my road bike. Ok, no big deal. Not worth going back to the house. The boys can walk and I can just carry he baby, no problem. Why am I always so delusional?
So, I get the baby out of her carseat and then proceed to get the boys out of theirs. As soon as Nico's feet hit the ground he looks at me and realizes that the stroller is not present. He gives a sly grin and then screams and and dashes away from me at full speed. Not to be left out, Mateo goes for the gusto and chases after his brother into on coming traffic. Meanwhile, Daniela has also realized that there will be no stroller today and is trying her best to leap out of my arms by violently throwing herself backwards. I try my best to keep her from falling onto the pavement while also holding our 2 bags that roughly weigh about 5 pounds each.
I trudge after the boys and manage to get Mateo to stop running by screaming threats at the top of my lungs that video games will not happen this weekend if he does not get back to me right now. I then locate Nico in a bush and pull him out by what ever body part I can get a good grip on. Then we all start walking to our destination, all the while I'm trying not to drop the baby or dislocate Nico's shoulder as he twists & turns in an attempt to escape my grasp.
I think the theory has sufficiently been tested that the double stroller, in all its bulkiness, is in fact essential for our ventures to the outside world.