When I was small a Keith Haring dog tattoo seemed the coolest thing in the world. I have a book at home full of Keith inspired doodles which I thought one day would find there way inked onto my arms.
Such sweet and simple drawings.
Alas, Lily Allen beat me to it!

Whilst distracting myself from a dark and looming powerpoint about the Spanish Social Security System (which is neither colourful nor amusing. No soy un fan.), I found this quirky tattoo of a dot the dot giraffe. I wouldn't have it myself, but I definately approve.

Possibly my favourite tattoo ever. strangely enough, this belongs to Scarlett Johansson. Looking like a rub on tat was a brave and cool move. More tattoos and less Tom Waits covers por favor!!
Uffie makes songs which I can't decide whether to love or hate. I am almost certain she is a complete nightmare woman, but she does pull off some unconventional body art.