Burgos is pretty fly

Kerstin and I met at the station, drank some zumo de naranja and jumped on the next bus going somewhere.
In los aseos I spied some old school toilet door graffiti.

A very nice effort. 2 hours later we stepped out into the steamy, smokey bus station of BURGOS . All we knew about the city was that it was home to an amazing Cathedral. I was impressed!

We strolled along the river, through a castle gate and passed many colourful and elegant houses.
In la plaza mayor we stumbled across los reyes catolicos. It was rather surreal.

Giant dolls stood facing each other and all of a sudden some middle aged clowns and small boys in tights came prancing into the square. Someone was playing an instrument that sounded like a party whistle and for 5 minutes they danced in circles.

On a serious note, Burgos is quite a fancy town with many fabulous shops. My favourite window display however, is this beauty. Spanish underpants accessorised with chanclas are a must. Hortera?? Que Va!!

The cathedral was the most impressive I have ever seen.

I think you could visit it every day and still find something new. From the outside it was like a gigantic, gothic iced cake and inside it was a laberynth of chapels crammed with haunting and beautiful religous things.

Inside I spotted an owl. Woop woop!

One of the chapels housed a beautiful Da Vinci painting of maria and an alterpiece dedicated to some biblical ladies.

A moment of contemplation over looking the claustro.

Afterwards we ambled in the sun. Decided it was too hot to live. Drank four cans of fanta and returned to the bus station. Along the way we found the greatest poster ever... its advertising a dwarf bull fight!!! Only in freaking Espana.

Next time you are in the North of Spain, make sure to check out Burgos.