Buho Yo

On friday evening I played 20 preguntas with my flatmates. We all sat with post it notes on our heads guessing what we could possibly be. My favourite post it note was worn by Alba, written on it was the name; 'Guill Esmiz'....can you guess who that is?...
The second best post it note was my one. Scrawled on to it was the word,'BUHO'. Owl.
And so with this is mind I will dedicate this post to some lovely owls.
An owl bench in Nicaragua. A very nice place indeed.
Owls by Lauren Nassef. She does impressive pencil drawings with pretentious titles.
'La caza con reclamo'. A painting of a hunting scene by Goya from 1775. This was a design for a tapestry and features an owl in a cage. This sneaky creature would have been used to lure small birds. In Goya's paintings Owls represented la maldad, wickedness.
Two wols I saw outside St Pauls Cathedral last summer.

The collective noun for owls is 'A parliament'.

A large owl in Madrid.

Beautiful owl themed jewelery by a spanish artist called Depeapa.

I normally disaprove of jewelery that isn't gold and cubic zirconia. These little wooden necklaces however, are the bomb.

On her website she keeps a sweet blog with wonderful images like this:


....And links to other fabulous blogs. This one has a section dedicated to 'Days in the life' of various arty people. I love pictures of people's working spaces.

Honestly one of the best blogs I have ever visited. It has everything from places to visit, recipes, art and how to make things. Fun for muchas horas.
* Guill Esmiz= Spanish for Will Smith.
** Jajaja= Lol