Inspiration Board: Wood Grain

I’m noticing a bit of a mini trend starting to emerge in the baking world: wood grain! Maybe it's an extension of the design world's renewed love of wood's simplicity, but a growing number of pastry chefs (and home bakers) seem to be using wood for inspiration! Personally, I love the look of wood, so I really enjoyed researching this one. There are so many cool ways to incorporate this trend and I can't wait to try one! Check out the images below if you too would like to add a little carpentry to your dessert menu. [Above: Martha Stewart's Chocolate Faux Bois Cupcakes]

Baumkuchen or Tree Cake. The particular cake was created by Falko Konditormeister for Katherine's wedding. If you want to create your own version of Baumkuchen, a recipe can be found here.

Woodgrain Heart Cookies from Whipped Bakeshop

Woodgrain Monogrammed Cookie from Whipped Bakeshop

Wedding Cake from Martha Stewart's Making Chocolate Woodgrain

Bird House by I Dream of Cake

Christophe Mazeaud's Wood Slice

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Wood Grain

Wood Grain Mat ($7.70) from Country Kitchen