Weekend Escape: Sirangan Resort, Sorsogon

Another week has gone by, despite my all best, chocolate-covered, intentions of coming here and sharing the wonderful escape we had last weekend.

How we did absolutely nothing but lie in incredibly squashy lounge chairs, take dips in the pool and sea, have naps in our white canopy bed, and sigh contentedly at doing absolutely nothing away from absolutely everything.

How the place we found to hide away was filled with a charming, eclectic mix of faded rugs, native lamps, grandfather chairs, chandeliers, and an old-school snooker table.

How there was only one other couple there, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Aside from a saucy little kitty with a gold collar and a friendly bunch of dogs who watched over us. And two adorable puppies.

How they had their own organic herb and vegetable garden with the hand painted signs in Spanish.

How the manager is also the cook and she made us freshly baked bread every morning.

How we hardly looked at the menu...just chatted with the cook every day about what was the fresh catch, whether we should have prawns or crabs or fish (we had all three), how we should prepare our spanking fresh seafood, and what vegetables to pair with it – all we had to do is sit back and enjoy awesome meals on a terrace fronting the sea, with nothing but distant islands and a few fishermen’s boats dotted about.

How we made a mess of the tablecloth while eating the crabs.

How I finally saw Mayon Volcano!

How there was fresh flowers all around, even if we were practically the only ones there.

How many avocado shakes I had.

How, despite it being rainy season, the only time it rained was when we napped.

How I really wish we could’ve stayed longer.

Hope these photos give you an idea...happy weekend kind folk!