The Umbrellas of Santa barbara

I know what you're probably thinking, Erin, what the heck do umbrellas have to do with desserts?? I was thinking the same thing myself, wondering if there was anyway I could fit these awesome patio umbrellas by Santa Barbara Designs into the whole dessert theme. And then it hit me: I already feature various kitchenware, which is used in dessert making, and a patio is similar to a kitchen because you eat out there and there's a good chance you'd be eating ice cream or birthday cake or some other dessert and . . . and . . . well, that's the end of the argument, but I've completely convinced myself that it works with a dessert-themed Web site! Yeah, totally. Anyway, these umbrellas also sort of remind me of desserts. They're all frilly and girly and brightly-colored, just like cake! They would be perfect outside a bakery or a candy store . . . or in my backyard! Patio furniture is usually so dull and ugly, I was excited to see that there are some fun options out there that kick it up a notch! Click here to see the entire collection.