I'm in Yummy this June!

Tomorrow is our Independence Day and a holiday over here :) Which means a long weekend for us! I am rushing between getting all those last minute things done and stuffing my red duffel bag with everything I'll need for the weekend. I'm headed for some much craved r&r and when I get back I'll share some photos! It's a relatively new place I learned of from, far though she may be, my cousin who lives in Barcelona. I know, I need someone a continent away to point me to places in my own stomping ground! Tsk. Well, whatever the case, C and I are very excited and looking forward to just lazing around.

Before I go though, I thought I'd share with you a bit of news...I have another recipe feature in this month's issue of Yummy magazine! :) Now, although I adore slow cooking and craftily making things from scratch, I do know that the reality for many of us has little time for spending hours (or days!) in the kitchen. So for this issue, I've put together some quick-as-can-be recipes for all us busy girls and boys!

To give you a sneak peek: one of the recipes I've included is my "quick Fabada". When I make fabada (a Spanish bean stew...what is it with me and bean stews?) from scratch, it take me two days. Yes, two days! That's because I make the ham stock from scratch the day before, and then the actual fabada cooking takes a good part of the next day! But when I'm not cooking for guests, and it's just C and I (or my brother and I), and we are craving for a bowl of fabada, I whip up this "cheat's" version and we have on the table in under 30 minutes :)

The other recipes are even quicker! If you'd like to see them, pick up a copy of Yummy this June :)

I'm off! Happy weekend and to all the Filipinos out there....Happy Independence Day tomorrow!!!