A Strawberry & Pomegranate Yogurt Cake Hug

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people (both in person and just “virtually” for now) since I started blogging. Something I did not expect at all in the beginning, but is now one of blogging’s most wonderful offshoots. The kindness and positivity I’ve found among food bloggers delight me to this day (as it will, I know, for many many days to come!), and that’s not even to mention food bloggers’ absolute fabulousness which makes for an endless source of inspiration!

One such food blogger who has always been an inspiration to me, and who I also would like to call a friend (albeit “virtual” for now!) is Barbara. From the early days of Donna Day to a Taste of Yellow, she has always been someone I have greatly admired. Her sunny outlook, her thoughtful ways, her champagne toasts and dancing in strappy sandals...you wouldn’t think that she is also fighting Cancer. But she is, with as much grace and aplomb as she lives her life that, for now, I can only follow through her blog.

How I wish that I could just pop over for a visit...have a chat (which I know would be long, heartfelt, and amazing!) and some cake, maybe some pink champagne just because. Barbara has taught me not to sweat the small stuff, to dance like no one is watching, to take the time for myself and the ones I love (as opposed to worrying and accounting), that we can all make positive changes in our own ways if we only just go out and do it! She also created my favourite blog event Hay Hay it’s Donna Day ;)

Barbara has been undergoing chemotherapy for the last few weeks and I can only imagine how awful that is. I really wish I could go over there and give her a real hug but, for now, a Virtual Hug will have to do. Thanks to the fantastic Bron and Ilva, who have organized a wonderful round of virtual love, we are all doing just that!

So Barbara, this is a little “virtual” food hug from me to you! I really wanted something sunny and yellow and pink and sweet because all those things remind me of you. I also wanted a cake because this is what I imagine us tucking into when we finally sit down for that chat one day :) This is a yogurt cake I made (using this recipe here) which I topped (and stuck in the middle too) with fresh strawberries and pomegranates. I didn’t plan on what fruits to place on the cake...I just went to the market thinking that I would buy whichever fruits closest to pink caught my eye. A little spontaneity which I think you would appreciate :) This is also the first ever time for me to try pomegranates! A little adventure which I think you would also appreciate :)

Thank you Barbara! You are fighting the good fight and I promise you that no matter what challenges I face in life, I will think of you and do the same! BIG HUG!!!