Kimchi Fried Rice

I’m a recipe tester!

Ok, so that is not exactly true. I haven't taken a new profession. I've only tested one recipe...but still! I don’t let that detract one bit from the thrill of helping (albeit a microscopic bit of help) a fellow food blogger with her soon to be published cookbook! The fabulous Jaden of Steamy Kitchen is coming out with a cookbook (Yay!!! I can’t wait!) and she has enlisted the help of her readers to test recipes. A lot have answered her call for testers! With Jaden’s delicious Asian dishes up for trying, the line goes all the way around the cyber-corner :)

I came in rather late in the game, bumbling around her recipe testing site, reading instructions and seeing the recipe-feedback from other bloggers. I tiptoed about, hoping nobody would notice the newbie (wannabe) recipe-tester on the block. When I got to the recipe list I was hopping with many fantastic sounding dishes, each looking (yes, with pictures!) more enticing than the last, and each with the unmistakable Asian stamp of the Steamy Kitchen!

Of all those beauties there, this is the one that fairly jumped off the page and into my lap. Kimchi Fried Rice. C and I are kimchi fanatics! When at a Korean restaurant we usually order one side of kimchi for each of us, which usually is finished by the time our main courses arrive (which them prompts us to order even more kimchi). Anyway, you can just imagine what went through my mind when I saw this recipe...


Jaden says it’s a hangover meal, and I have to agree – this could keep even the most wicked of hangovers at bay! The comfort of eating a bowl of fried rice, combined with the spiciness of the kimchi, and the oozing, runny egg a wakeup call in a bowl. C and I had been at friend’s house the night before and the, uh, revelry certainly provided the right setting for having this the next morning. So yes, we can both attest to its efficacy in that aspect as well ;)

Hangover or not, we absolutely loved it! I will definitely be making this again...with or without the night-before carousing.

You too can test one of Jaden’s recipes...just visit her recipe testing site here. You need to register but I am confident that the help you give testing recipes will be rewarded with delicious meals and happy diners :)