HHDD #21: Ice Cream Tiramisu

Hello! Ever had one of those times when you have a fantastic weekend filled to bursting with just the right combination of good food, great friends, naps, spots of reading, and word-game hilarity, after which you pat yourself on the back for a weekend well done? Then only to find yourself thrust into a hectic work-week which you should have known was coming yet catches you by surprise that before you know it it’s the middle of the week and you have missed the deadline of your favourite blog event? Anyone?

If this sounds familiar to you, or even similar to your current situation, (and heaven knows no one is a stranger to busy-ness) this is the recipe for you. If you have sudden guests after a long day of going through 500 company analyses, this is the recipe for you. If you like tiramisu but only have 2 spare minutes to make some, then pull up a chair my friend, because this is the recipe for you.

And in case you are thinking that this is a sneaky shortcut cobbled together to make it to this round of HHDD, I’ll have you know that this recipe comes from Miss Donna herself :)

Ice Cream Tiramisu
Instant Entertaining by Donna Hay)
  • 2 tablespoons espresso coffee
  • 1/4 cup coffee liqueur
  • 8 small ladyfingers (savoiardi biscuits)
  • 4 large (or 8 small) scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate flakes to serve

- Combine the espresso and the liqueur.
- Place 2 ladyfingers on a serving plate, spoon over some of the espresso mixture, and top with ice cream. Spoon over remaining espresso mixture.
- Top with chocolate flakes and serve. Serves 4.

You can really make this in just two minutes and it’s easy to control the portion size and number of servings. The quantities above should just be used as a rough guide...let your own taste and tummy decide on the size of each serving. If you don’t have any liqueur (as I didn’t) just increase the amount of espresso and sweeten with a bit of sugar. This has the essence and flavour of a tiramisu with a fraction of the effort, which is not to say that you should replace a traditional tiramisu with this. I wouldn’t even suggest it. But when you have to produce a dessert in a hurry, I’m sure your guests will be duly impressed when you come trotting out of the kitchen with these prettily plated desserts in tow :)

It’s two days after the deadline of Hay Hay It’s Donna Day but our gracious host Alexandra of Addicted Sweet Tooth has generously let me send my entry in. Thank you Alexandra for leaving the door open and for hosting this round of HHDD: Tiramisu! Hay Hay It’s Donna Day is a food blog event celebrating Donna Hay’s special yet simple dishes (I love Donna!) and was created by Barbara of Winos and Foodies, and is now under the expert care of Bron of bronmarshall.com.