My Top 10 Photo Picks

I am terrible at meme’s.

I get tagged and then the information goes into some meme-sucking black hole in my head, never to be heard of again. So although I do enjoy reading them (many times a neat way to learn new things about you all), I rarely take part or pass them along. For this I owe a heartfelt apology to anyone who has ever tagged me! I’m internal hard drive doesn’t seem to work the way it used to!

On occasion though, something survives the meme-sucking black hole. It gets spit out at the other end, to float; a little tattered from the ride but still intact, back into my consciousness. So here I am now, dusting off and holding up the Top 10 Photo Picks from my blog – a tag from Dhanggit of Dhanggit’s Kitchen. I have long swooned over Dhanggit’s beautiful creations as I imagine her whipping them up in a gorgeous country kitchen somewhere in Aix en Provence. I would certainly have trouble picking only 10 photos from her blog!

So, enough chat, here’s my 10:

Ampalaya – I think the most amazing thing about this picture is that I actually don’t like ampalaya (bitter melon)...yet I found it so pretty (which is why I took this photo) – green, curly half-moons.

Arugula and Apple Salad – I took this in such a hurry because we were going to eat already...and I was pleasantly surprised that it came out looking so crisp. Salads (if you’ve got fresh ingredients) make great models!

Bakies Day – My first and so far only food photo with a model. I think I like this photo more for having my fabulous godchild Z in it than for the cookies (em, bakies).

Brussels Sprout and Camembert Gratin in Butternut Squash – I think I like how this looks so “autumn-y”...especially since I don’t have an autumn to speak of. I also like the colors in the photo – orange and green...the colors of my blog!

Matcha – This was one of my first attempts at active food styling. My pictures, to this day, are pretty simple. Just the food, a nice plate, and a spoon or fork (in fact, if you’ve been reading for a while I’m sure you are tired of seeing the same old tea towel and placemat as backdrop!). Here I remember actually thinking of each element...the cork, the earthenware plate, the spoon, exactly where the matcha would be, and the depth of field thingy. Hmmm...I think it’s time to bring out that cork again!

Yogurt with Red Wine Poached Nectarines – Sometimes the simplest things look best. Like vegetables (above) and fruits. I like how this picture seems to suck in the sun – something I wish I could do with more ease in the mornings!

CarrotsWhat was I saying about veggies taking good photos? Case in point, carrots that actually still have dirt on them! I am beginning to realize how much I love taking photos of vegetables...and how much they love having their picture taken!

Nutella Banana Muffins – Ok, I had to have some sort of sweets in this list! I like how this picture incorporates so many things I love: Nutella, bananas, cupcakes, and the color pink :)

French Toast with Blueberry Syrup – I was happy at how the syrup came out so shiny and jewel-like. Even when it comes to non-food, I am attracted to shiny like an insect diving towards a light bulb. This breakfast, and looking at the shiny syrup picture, kept me smiling all morning. No joke...I can really be that shallow.

Pili nuts – Again something very simple. Nature is really the best Janice. Her models always deliver. Oh yes, and this was my attempt at the “stuff spilling out of the glass” effect. Not too shabby I think!

Thanks Dhanggit for giving me the opportunity to revisit all my photos here! I actually had a bit of a reflection on my photos :)

And speaking of the lovely Dhanggit: She’s got a new project! Check out Recipe Muncher for food blog post updates!

Some shameless own-horn-tooting: I have some recipes published in Yummy Magazine July issue! Seven sandwiches prepared right here in my little flat (including a sweet sandwich...and a couple of vegetarian ones too)! The best part about the shoot for me? Having an actual photographer and food stylist work on my stuff! My sandwiches and I were thrilled :) (I took notes don’t worry)