Hay! Hay! We have a winner!

After a week of voting we finally have a winner for this round of Hay! Hay! It's Donna Day! - Pizza :) It is with great pleasure that I annouce that the winner is Bordeaux of Marita Says and his fantastic Spanako-Pizza! This is his pizza-version of the famous and much loved Greek spanakopita.

I must say the voting was very exciting! With so many delicious entries, the votes were cast far and wide. As the days wore on though, more and more votes zeroed in on this ingenius Spanako-Pizza.

Congratulations Bordeaux! Bravo to you! :) I will be sending you your prize, the cookbook Pizza by Diane Morgan & Tony Gemignani, soon! I'll be slipping in a little book on some of our native goodies too :) You also have the honor of hosting the next round of HHDD! Plus, of course, the bragging rights as an HHDD winner ;) Woohoo!!!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this round of HHDD! I enjoyed making pizza crust from scratch for the first time (and finally using that pizza stone!)...but not as much as I enjoyed getting all your fabulous entries! I'm sure I speak for many when I say that the round up was one phenomenal collection of pizza delicious-ness! I am already planning pizza parties in my head where I can showcase (show-off? heehee) these pizzas :) A big thank you to everyone!!!