Bangkok Bound!

Although I have lived in Asia most of my life, it remains sadly unexplored by me. It seems that looking too far and wide for adventure, I failed to realize that I am sitting smack dab in the continent that invented exotic! (well, in my humble opinion at least...) One day I found myself staring blankly at a friend (from the states) when she asked me if I had been to Thailand. And Indonesia. And China. Um, no.

But you live in Asiaaaa!


Why indeed had I not looked to my friendly neighbors that were just a short plane-hop away? I was/am surrounded by a giant hot pot of history, culture, mystery, and magic...intense flavors that can make you weep and sing at the same time...gorgeous scenery from lush tropical forests to gorgeous beaches...not to mention hordes of beautiful and charming people (take a bow guys!) :)

Since then I have been dreaming of Asia.

Tomorrow part of that dream is finally coming true...Bangkok here I come! I hope you are ready :)

(I'll be back next week so we'll be silent over here for a bit...but until then Happy Halloween!!!)