Chocolate & Zucchini - The book!


Do you read Chocolate & Zucchini?”, came an instant message on my laptop screen. It was a friend from my favorite bookshop. “Yes! Of course!”, was my enthusiastic reply. Before her next message came I already knew. Clotilde’s book…they were going to order it.

Chocolate & Zucchini was one of the two food blogs I first started reading (this is the other one). To a great part, C&Z is one of the reasons I was inspired to dip my toes into, what was for me then, the very unchartered territory of food blogging. It also, more importantly, inspired me in countless ways here in my own kitchen. Clotilde’s site was, and remains to be, a little piece of Paris that I can visit whenever I want.

I am one of her many (many!) readers who heartily cheered when Broadway Books decided to publish her, and then eagerly awaited the book’s arrival. However, truth be told, in the back of my head, I was worried that her book might not reach my shores. I was ready to order it online if it came to that.

But happy day! The bookshop decided to order it (I gave them a glowing tribute!) and now I have my own copy of the Chocolate & Zucchini cookbook! Hooray! Like Clotilde says in the foreword:

“…I find that a book – the object itself, the weight in your hands, the presence on your bedside table – has a personality and charm that a Web site can never hope to achieve.”

I agree. I love to snuggle up with my books, dragging them into bed, their physical presence a great comfort to me. Now I have a tangible piece of C&Z to call my own. I am still going through it and, if you are a fan of Clotilde’s, it does not disappoint. The recipes are prefaced with delightful snippets in Clotilde’s unmistakable lilt. The recipes themselves are pure C&Z, unfussy celebrations of delicious flavors. There are simple dishes that really let the ingredients’ characters shine, as well as more involved recipes that crank up the impressive factor. I haven’t finished reading it, and already there are many dishes getting bookmarked. One I have already tried and will be posting soon. There are also sections on Clotilde’s cooking philosophy, stocking your pantry, and entertaining. I am very pleased with my purchase, and it presently sits on my night table where I have been perusing it every night.

When I bought this, there were only three copies left, as it was part of a small batch that arrived before the actual shipment. Don’t worry! The next batch is being air freighted as I type. If you want to reserve a copy call Fully Booked at 7565001 to 04.