Cream-Braised Brussels Sprouts

If you love brussel sprouts raise your hand! Am I in good company as a lover of these adorable little green globes? Or, like the cheese, do I stand alone? I have professed my devotion to this oft-misunderstood vegetable before. How can anyone not be absolutely keen on something that is yummy, nutritious, and cute all at the same time? I mean, how often does that happen? And as much as I love oatmeal, I have to say that it just doesn’t cut it in the cute department.

I can eat these sprouts everyday…and if someone starts growing them locally and brings down the cost, I just might! Steamed and tossed with butter and salt, they are sublime. Sautéed lightly with bacon, they are a dream for a pork-lover like me. As a gratin, a mini-slaw, shredded into scrambled eggs, slivers tossed in a salad…there is not a way, shape, or form that I will not have them.

If we are in agreement, run; don’t walk, to Molly’s wonderful blog Orangette and try her Cream-Braised Brussels Sprouts. It is every bit as good as she says. No. Better. No. Better than better. My husband loves veggies. I wanted to share these with him. Didn’t happen. After the picture you see above was taken, that bowl was licked clean in under 60 seconds. Yes. Lose-your-mind kinda good.

(um, please note that I didn’t make Molly’s full batch…)

The braise in cream brings out the sprouts’ sweetness, making them rich, mellow, and smooth…almost seductive. If such a thing could be said about a wee innocent brussel sprout. Molly mentions the nutty aroma while it’s cooking…oh so true. It drove me a bit batty actually, knowing that I had to wait for them to finish cooking, and then have to take some pictures…

If you love brussel sprouts, make this now.

And if you don’t love brussel sprouts, well, this may just be the recipe that melts your heart and wins you over…

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