The Foodblogger's Guide to the Globe

Melissa over at The Traveler's Lunchbox is putting together a list of things to eat before you die...and is calling on all food bloggers to help! Who better then foodbloggers -- real people trawling the world for culinary pleasures -- to put together a list about the very thing that fills their waking (and sleeping!) thoughts? I, for one, enjoyed going through the amazing list that is slowly building up. It's a fantastic reference for foodie adventures...a "guide to the globe" indeed.

Here's my little contribution:

Five Things to Eat Befire You Die

1. Foie Gras - I know, this is in more than one list. But I have to say it. I like it pan seared with some fruit and candied walnuts. Or demi cuit. There is nothing like it taste and texture. It transports.

2. Lapid's Freshly Popped Chicharon with "laman" (meaning the fat), White Plains, Manila, Philippines- To say this is just pork crackling is an understatement. What Pierre Herme is to macarons this place is to crackling. The true testament? I flew in 3 kilos of this stuff for my wedding. And I made time to eat it.

3. Philippine Mangoes - I have to agree 150% with Christine. To say it is a sweet fruit is unfair. It is a tropical island life sugar spun dream. It is decadent afternoons on pristine beaches. It is dripping juicy jewel candy. Yes. All that.

4. Belgian Frites from the streets - No other fries can compare. I like mine with mayo and sate/peanut sauce. Fry perfection.

5. Sushi and Steak Tartare - Ok, a little bit of cheating here as I sneak in two entries in one. What I really mean is raw food. I do love slow cooked stews, but there is something almost ethereal, primal even, about eating something wihtout even cooking standing between you and your meal.

So that's my list! Sigh...I could go on. The hardest part was choosing only five!

Thanks Melissa for allowing me a little mental romp in my food paradise...and for now giving us a great list to refer to when looking for something to eat!