I've got mail!!!

As soon as the ingenious Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey kick started Blogger Postcards from the World, by sending everyone their secret postcard partners, I found myself excitedly checking my mail slot everyday...waiting and wondering where in the world my postcard was coming from, and from which of the great and interesting bloggers that joined.

Well, the day has finally arrived! I was dancing with anticipation when I saw a bit of the postcard in the shadowy recesses on the mail box. My postcard has winged its way here from Arizona! Sent by the talented Fran of Flavors...thank you Fran! What an awe-inspiring postcard! I have never seen the Grand Canyon, nor have I ever been to Arizona, but I have a friend who used to live there. I would love to see the Grand Canyon someday...so different from any kind of landscape I have seen before.

Check out Flavors for some major yummy treats like Tea Glazed Almonds and Chocolate Tart, or, something that particularly caught my eye (intriguing!) -- Green Pekoe Brined Pork Loin!

What I enjoyed the most about this event was: 1. Discovering new places or rediscovering old ones, 2. Discovering new blogs (check out the list!), and 3. Getting postcards (which I love...can't live without email but there is nothing like getting and actual letter or postcard).

Thanks again Fran for the great postcard! And thanks Meeta for hosting!