Avocado Harvest

As someone who has lived all her life in a city, in a townhouse first and then now in an apartment, I have no concept of growing your own food, at any level, be it a fruit tree or a vegetable plot. I did have a small pot of rosemary when I was living in Zurich, but it promptly died after a dinner of lamb chops had razed it to the ground.

This explains my naive excitement every time people talk about their own produce in their very own backyards, the herbs they pick from their own plants and toss in their dishes, the fruits that grow in their own trees...Suffice to say, anytime that one of these lucky people decides to share their crop with me I am overjoyed and quite beside myself with very Martha Stewart-like feelings.

Now, a while back, my grand aunt, who still lives in the city but has a garden, decided to share her small harvest of avocado with us. Hooray! I lovingly placed them on a big white dish in the middle of the dining room table, admiring them and willing them to ripen. Well, one cheeky piece insisted on ripening before the rest of them (picture above). I couldn't wait for its siblings, so I happily made the executive decision to consume the cheeky one before C got home.

And how to polish off one avocado in the way most satisfying to my inner child? Exactly how my grandmother used to prepare them for us: Mashed with sugar and milk (evaporated milk...yup), and nicely chilled. For me nothing beats this simple combination of the sweet, rich creaminess of the avocado and milk...

...it can be matched however by a good batch of guacamole! Which is what happened to the rest of my small crop.

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