I'm home!

Finally! After 2 months of no blogging, here I am. Two months and a lifetime of change. A new home, a new kitchen, and a wonderful team mate with whom to play this game of life. These past two months have been filled to the brim with all the big events, and little experiences, that have gotten me from where I once was to...here. Married!

So starts a new and exciting chapter for me, and for 80 Breakfasts as well. We'll be cooking for more than just my zany whims now. And we have got a new place in which to stage our culinary efforts. Yes, that picture above is my new kitchen! Although we had to work around what was already in the flat we are renting, and it is not exactly the most spacious, working-island-in-the middle type kitchen, and counter space is a rare commodity...I love it! I love it to the point of repeatedly wiping the counter tops (not that there is a superfluity of that) and entering it for no apparent reason. And since the wedding, there is a whole new posse of toys to play with...which will defnitely be making their appearance here bit by bit.

Ah, and what of the blessed event that got me here? Even now, a month or so after the fact, I still can't put it as eloquently as I'd like. What's it like to experience something that feels so right at such a fundamental level? Something so wonderfully important that even a vicious typhoon (yes, that indeed happened, typhoon Caloy, 100+ kph winds of destructive force, stranded guests and suppliers, having to move the actual wedding!) could not dampen my spirits nor resolve. How do I describe that? Maybe a better writer, a more expressive poet, would be fit for the task. Perhaps someday I will reach the heights of literary greatness that will allow me to put this experience into the words it deserves. For now, all I can say is this: I am exactly where I should be...home.