Breakfast # 5: Poached Pear & Ricotta Tartine

Breakfast time agian and my thoughts turn to what to eat! I had some pears left over from my Moroccan dinner and wanted to use them. I was craving for a cheese and fruit combination so the pears were definitely in. I poached them in some simple syrup for added sweetness. Had some ricotta I needed to use up as well. Perfect!

This reminds me of the snacks I used to have in Spain of queso fresco (a fresh white cheese that my cousin would eat for his diet) with honey and pine nuts. When I was thinking of this dish in my head, I already expected a yummy treat, but it was so much better that my expectations! The sweet crunch of the poached pears blended beautifully with the mild cheesy creamy-ness of the ricotta. Texturally and taste-wise it was the perfect match. All on a bed of lightly toasted walnut bread, which gave it an added dimension of a nutty starch. Ooooh! I couldn't get enough...

Poached Pear & Ricotta Tartine

- Peel, core, and quarter 1 pear.
- Squeeze some lemon juice on the pear slices and toss.
- Poach in a mixture of sugar and water (I just did this to taste, no measurements, just based on how sweet you want it. You can also do this with wine...yum!).
- Lightly toast a slice of walnut bread (or your bread of choice, but nut breads are nice with this).
- Generously spread some ricotta on your bread.
- Arrange the poached pear slices on the ricotta and drizzle some of the syrup over them.

Simple, delicious, and sure to put a smile on your face in the morning. If you have an early day and don't have the time to poach the pears, just do it the night before, so you can quickly assemble this, and enjoy, before rushing off.